My work covers a vast range of topics, from beautiful East and South East Asia to the thrilling Western world. I embrace challenges. Language, distance, cultural differences, none of these things concern me. I embrace them and use them to empower the work I do. Sharing exciting events to educate, entertain, inspire, inform, and enrich every-day life with exhilarating and moving news stories is my prime goal.

Latest News

Speed and efficiency are two important factors when it comes to staying on top of current events. Another summit between North and South Korea, marking a ground-breaking historical milestone? Perhaps a shocking political event? It doesn’t matter if it’s a scandal, political event, or a public rally, I assure you that we will gain access and get you the coverage you need – fast.


Why East Asia is so popular for food? Not only is it the home of many staple dishes, but also ground zero for some of the most experimental works of culinary endeavors ever seen! As such, this puts us in a very unique position to see what’s trending before anyone else.

Fashion and Trends

Just like food, Asia is a trend setter! Fads and fame and fabrics flash in and out of public consciousness faster than anyone could ever imagine. A tight focus on what’s trending could be the difference between being ‘in’ or ‘out’. It pays to keep a close eye on it.

Beauty, Cosmetics and Plastic Surgery

Lilac hair, powder nails, Body-Botox, laser treatments, glossy makeup – the world of beauty and cosmetics is an ever-changing and developing one. Trying to keep on top of the latest trends can be a difficult task, and I am here to make it easier for you. I have the right expertise to stay on the bleeding edge of these trends and produce a piece with newest facts. You wouldn’t want to be caught with an out of style fashion, would you?


A lot of people are on the move. Whether it’s for a dreamy lifestyle, a big-fat salary or a personal choice, there are several reasons for expatriation. What makes them tick and what is their story? We’ll take up the mantle of presenting their story. Drawing out the personal connection that every immigration story has!


It’s no secret that South Korea is one of the leaders in the world when it comes to tech. What Gadgets and Gizmos are making their way out to the masses? Which ones are actually worth keeping an eye on and which ones should be discarded for the gimmick they are? Let us cover it for you.


For the uninitiated, the idea of a subculture is strange. Suffice to say that a subculture is a niche in a larger culture. A subtle shift of clothing or beverage choice or political views that differentiates one group from another! Who are these subcultures and what makes them tick? Some are benign, others quite bizarre!

Nightlife and Events

Young Asians are party animals. Everyone loves to party, whether it’s at festivals, clubs, or your local bar. Do you know which club is at the top of popularity chart? Do you know what weird quirks bring out certain scenes? What makes one party spot favored over another? That’s our job to find out! And I’m not limited to just club life. Anything you can think of from Expos to sport events, from premiers to competitions of all kinds, I’ll bring you the information you need.

Celebrities & Unique Personalities

Is there a celebrity dropping in and you need coverage for the talk show they are on? A Japanese girl opted for hundreds of surgeries to look like a Barbie doll? Perhaps an exquisitely talented child or citizen hero or even someone with a bizarre story to tell? My team will bring them to the forefront of our coverage, in a way that is genuine and professional.