I’m Diane, an experienced TV producer and journalist with a passion for storytelling.

The name Diane comes from the Latin term devine (‘divine’), and I take pride in my name and apply this unique meaning to my work. Divine means lovely, delightful, engaging, and these words resonate in my work as well. Sharing the stories of many different, amazing people is a part of what it means to be divine. I follow challenges. I seek them out and don’t shy away. My last name ‘Kämpf’ quite literally means ‘Fight’, so you could say I was bred for this role. My aim is to shed light on the people of East & Southeast Asia, and I strive to give the audience, mine or yours, an understanding and clarity of these people’s perspective and how they lead fascinating, multilayered and vibrant lives.

Dedication and commitment

In 2017, I furthered my goal to capture the essence of these people and set up my own production office in Seoul – a place with significant emotional and cultural value. My experience encompasses more than seven years of discrete, independently produced content. From producing reports, stories, documentaries to news, both independently and with co-producers, I have travelled globally, experienced new cultures, and have witnessed the astounding lives of an array of fascinating individuals. Regardless of project scope, I excel at anything from clips to full pieces. I prefer to build out your subject in the most entertaining, engaging, and informative way possible. I don’t particularly prefer one format over another; proficiency in all categories is important. Accuracy of information, quality, and professionalism are staples of my work. Utilizing the latest and greatest technology available, I aim to deliver your projects fast.

I am no stranger to deadlines.

Time crunches and tight delivery dates are not a concern for me. The news and production industry is demanding, and I professionally match that demand. Let’s connect and create something special. Let’s discuss more about how I can help.

Let’s create a wonderful story!

Productions in South Korea, Singapore, Japan and more...