TV and video productions Seoul


R.e.d.e.f.i.n.i.n.g. T.h.e. A.r.t. O.f. P.r.o.d.u.c.t.i.o.n.


Right from researching, scheduling, budgeting, organizing crews and scouting locations, my team is dedicated to delivering the best services.


I know the ins and outs of filming, conducting interviews, directing, coordinating and delivering awe-inspiring multi-camera shots. It’s all about infusing creativity and bringing something different to the table.


This is where the magic begins! With top-notch editing, scripting, animations and visual effects, we redefine the story and add an engaging element that keeps your viewers connected!

I don’t just get you any story – I get you the story.

The story that will elevate your content to another level! My expansive network and unique abilities grant me the rare opportunity to bring you key information at the fastest speed possible. I’ve immersed myself in Asian culture, and I understand the ways the people think and what’s relevant. You don’t find that intuition everywhere. That’s something that is earned, and I have earned it through my years of experience working on diverse range of projects.

My crew of professionals (camera, video editor, translator, fixer, sound operator) pushes to assure that deadlines are kept. We accomplish everything we set a goal for and do so with every impassioned fiber of our bodies.


Escape The Corset: South Korean Women Rebel Beauty Standards
We met Lim Hyeon-ju, a female news anchor, who made headlines for wearing glasses on air.
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A rehab camp for Internet-addicted teenagers
In South Korea there is a camp offering three-week courses where teenager get to experience the fact that they can live without their smartphones.
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German Immigrants In Vietnam
Explore “German Immigrants In Vietnam” - a four-part piece about five different Germans and their experience living in Vietnam.
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Wohnungs-Check in Seoul
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